For they are
our life

Not only to
live Torah,
but to love it.

For they are our life

Not only to live Torah, but to love it.

The life of a true oveid Hashem begins from early childhood. In fifth grade. First grade. Preschool. During these formative years, aside from solid skills and basic knowledge, we need to inculcate in our children a love of Yiddishkeit, delight in Torah learning, and confidence in their roles and success as true ovdei Hashem.

Our joy-filled learning program, tailored to focus on every child’s particular areas of strength and maximize their potential, are part of what has made Heim Chayeinu the trailblazing response to joyous, Torah-true chinuch in today’s turbulent times, that focuses not on the classroom but on every child within it.

Rav Reuven Leuchter at the helm of Heim Chayeinu:

Ultimately, we need each boy to serve Hashem with that soul that he has. So we need to…detect the abilities of the student, and channel those traits to the right place in avodas Hashem and Torah learning.

Heim Chayeinu, turning the spotlight onto every precious soul, makes that possible.

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